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Assets can be tangible or intangible. Tangible Assets include furniture and fittings. Intangible Assets include investments. A house is a tangible asset. It is a residential building. It may be a complex structure or just a simple hut. It may be made up of wood or concrete.

 A typical house consists of a kitchen, a living room, bedrooms, and washrooms. Some houses also have a designated dining area for the consumption of food. And others can be complemented with a garden, a garage for cars, or a dormitory for servants. Owning a Real Estate/Property gives the right to use and enjoy the land and the building. But if you do not want to enjoy the building, and instead earn some money from it, you can sell it. If you want to sell a house in st. Louis, visit

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Categories of Houses

  • Cooperative – Multi-units for multiple-family residences. Each family occupies a single unit.
  • Duplex – When two units are on the same floor sharing a common wall or attached above each other.
  • Apartment – It can be a multi-story or a single unit building. Lockable doors usually define the boundaries of an apartment.
  • Townhouse/Rowhouse – Dwellings that have shared walls, are in a continuous row without intervening spaces.
  • Multi-Family House – In a multi-family house a floor represents a separate unit or apartment.
  • Villa – Villa is an upper-class country home.

Generally, the area of a house is measured in Square feet, Square Yard or Acres. People generally take mortgage loans to purchase residential houses. When a family lives in a single home, it is called a household. A mason builds the house manually as per the design and layout made by the architect.

However, selling a home may not be easy for someone who is doing it for the first time. Looking at a to-let sign, strangers enter the house at odd times which may not be convenient for the seller. Moreover, buyers will criticize things which may mean a lot to the seller. Besides, some houses take a lot of time to sell because of factors like location, size, or structure.